Investor’s Guide

5 Step Guide to Investing in Real Estate.

In this guide, you’ll discover in 5 easy bite size pieces how I help you to choose an investment strategy, analyze deals and build a profitable portfolio.

1. Choose a Strategy
Rentals, Fix & Flips, Multifamily, Pre-Sales? I’ll explain a few different strategies and asset classes so you can determine which is right for you.

2. Get Your Financing in Place
Whether you want a hands on or hands off investment, you’ll need to be prepared to invest. Here I’ll discuss steps you’ll want to take when getting ready to build a portfolio.

3. Look for and Analyze Deals
Once you’ve chosen a strategy it’s time to look for a suitable property or investment. I’ll demonstrate why focusing on a single strategy and target area are important.

4. Making Offers and Closing
Investing in real estate is different than purchasing a home for yourself. This section will explain the differences and give some helpful insight on investing in real estate.

5. Managing Your Investments
Once you’ve invested in real estate, what next? In this final section, I’ll touch on property management, why you need to keep on top of your investments and growing a portfolio.

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