Buyer’s Guide

5 Step Guide to Buying a Home.

In this guide, you’ll discover in 5 easy bite size pieces how I help you to navigate the market, save precious time, and not miss out on opportunities.

1. Get Your Financing in Place
Before anything else you’ll need to get your finances in order. Here I’ll explain how you determine your price point, interest rate and details of your mortgage before you go shopping.

2. The Virtual Search
Before viewing properties in person, the search starts online. I’ll detail how you can search on my website, on and automated searches I will set up for you.

3. Physically Viewing Properties
Once you’ve found a property or properties that interest you, it’s time to go shopping. This outline will explain how and when you can view properties and what to look for.

4. Making Offers
You’ve found the perfect home…now what? There are many details to consider when we put together an offer. In this section I’ll walk you through them and explain some important lingo.

5. The Closing Process
You’ve got an accepted offer and are preparing to move in. This final section will describe the closing process and steps taken until possession of your new home.

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